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April 5, 2012

Unmeasured Metric: Presence Quality

I am often asked why a website’s bounce rate has increased or why the amount of time users spend on a website has decreased. “Is it because our online advertising efforts are attracting too many misguided visitors?” It is possible. But first, you need to analyze your site from the consumer’s point of view.

Let’s pretend your website is a physical storefront. Pretend you’re spending a lot of money on traditional advertising and are seeing a great increase in foot traffic. Now look around your store – remember we’re playing pretend here. If your store is messy, people will leave. If your store is hard to navigate, people will leave. If you’ve had the exact same products on the shelf for the last 6 months, people will stop returning. Now relate that idea to your website. Is your website’s content cluttered and hard to navigate? Have you had the same homepage banner for the last two years? Have you made any effort to create fresh content that interests consumers in your industry? Jumping to the conclusion that you’re reaching the wrong people through your advertising is a mistake. The consumers are seeing your website, you just need to make a more memorable impression.

Give consumers a reason to vist your website. Give them something to interact with, something to respond to, something to make a decision about. Challenge their mind. Let them get creative. Let them see something from a new angle or a different point of view. And most importantly, keep presenting them with new opportunities, new content, and an easy browsing experience. The next time you consider low “visitor quality” as the culprit to your weakening analytics numbers, be sure to double check your site’s presence quality. Look at your site from the customer’s perspective and ask yourself, “does it interest you enough to keep visiting?” If not, it’s time to brainstorm. Give us a shout when you have some ideas, or if you need ideas – we’re ready to help.

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