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Arrow Manufacturing

Arrow Manufacturing has specialized in saving their customers money on emergency vehicles for over 25 years. Challenging the traditional emergency vehicle market mentality, they’ve refined the manufacturing process, and are able to sell lower-cost, high-quality emergency vehicles, direct.

How we helped

Arrow Manufacturing’s biggest struggle is educating potential consumers on their ambulance remounting services.

Are you wondering what in the world a remounted ambulance is? We wondered the same thing. That is, until we watched the entire process happen. We spent ten days traveling back and forth from Sioux Falls to Rock Rapids, Iowa, to capture photos of the entire ambulance remount process, then smashed it into a three-minuteĀ time-lapsedĀ video.

Arrow’s website helps consumers understand the products and services offered by Arrow, browse for-sale trucks, view previous customers’ vehicles and inquire about their own needs.

We also helped Arrow reach new and existing contacts through email marketing campaigns, direct mail fliers and magazine ads.

We helped with:

  • Website design & development
  • Content strategy
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Interactive sales tools
  • Email marketing
  • Traditional advertising
  • Trade show materials

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