Fused Interactive

(context) gallery

(context) gallery is a reseller of  high-end designer furniture out of Atlanta, GA.

They already had an elegant website with a clean layout and design. What they lacked was a strategy to keep their customers engaged and revisiting.

How we helped

Fused Interactive created a customizable email marketing template for (context)’s online marketing campaigns.

The design is matched perfectly to their website which helps users immediately recognize who the email is from.

Using our proprietary email marketing system, (context) gallery is now able to construct their own email campaigns in a matter of minutes.

(context) can now reach their residential and B2B customers at a fraction of the cost compared to direct mail—and without buying a single postage stamp.

Email marketing helps (context) promote their products, events, recent blog posts and even their social media accounts.

With trackable results, they are able to see the successes of their email efforts as well as other useful information like open rate and links that were clicked within the email.