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Coquette Couture

Coquette Couture is an online, high fashion shoe store. They sell mostly imported Italian leather shoes from designers around the world.

A majority of the designers featured on the site are up-and-coming and relatively unknown, but some, like Bed|Stü and Brian James, are quite recognizable.

How we helped

Owner Kayleen Leonard needed help developing her niche brand and marketing it to the masses across the Internet.

With a focus on visuals, we put Coquette Couture’s hand-crafted boots, heels and flats front and center. The website design and use of photography puts a heavy emphasis on the products, making Coquette’s shoes the focal point of the website. Customers get a high resolution view of the product they are about to purchase in this visual shopping method.

The Lookbook page gives customers the ability to see the shoes in their natural environment—on people’s feet, and about the town.

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