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Oh My Cupcakes!

Oh My Cupcakes! is a “cupcakery” located in Sioux Falls.

They have a tremendous following of loyal sweet lovers. Indeed, you would be hard pressed to find a Sioux Falls resident who has neither heard of Oh My Cupcakes! nor tasted one of their delicious creations.

Oh My Cupcakes! previously had an e-commerce website, but it lacked the visual appeal that their products and store boast. It also left many ordering variables unanswered.

How we helped

We simplified the user experience by introducing “visual shopping.” (Because we all know that people shop with their stomachs.) Also, the order creation process is fool-proof. This means all orders that come through are valid.

Once an order has been placed it’s sent directly to a custom iPad application. This is a neat tool we call the “Order Ninja.” (See screenshot below.)

Oh My Cupcakes! staff are immediately notified when an order is placed. The customer is then sent a text message or email when their order is ready.

We mapped out every possible factor in the order process in advance. The result is a simplified cupcake ordering process that makes sending a treat, or treating yourself, sweet and simple.

And, the entire shopping process is mobile-friendly!

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