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Slydog Skis

Slydog is a custom snowmobile ski manufacturer based in Arlington, SD. Though the town they reside in may be tiny, their selection of skis is huge! Slydog offers a variety of over 9,000 skis and bogey wheels that fit any sled. They are a globally known brand and were privileged enough to be onboard the first sled to ever perform a front-flip.

How we helped

Slydog’s product selection is so vast, it took the Fused Interactive team over 20 hours just to type the names of each product. We’re kidding – we obviously automated that.

But, we did have a blast helping Slydog create the only interactive snowmobile ski builder on the market. Because there are over 9,000 skis available, it would take hours to flip through pictures of each combination. So, we created an interactive ski builder that allows consumers to choose the style, colors, options, and size of each ski. And with a single click of a button they can add it to their shopping cart. The Slydog site also features an interactive trail conditions map, ski technology overview, an awesome media page, and a seamless shopping experience.

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