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The Man Salon

The Man Salon caters to a very specific niche—men—and they needed a website that would effectively appeal to that demographic.

Having a growing list of clients in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, The Man Salon needed a new image to match the nature of their business and strike a nerve with present and future customers.

How we helped

We helped The Man Salon by rebranding their image—starting with their logo—which now has more of a manly vintage aesthetic that is classy, timeless and unique to each of their locations.

Then, we incorporated the logo into a responsive website design that helps portray the “feeling” you should get when visiting The Man Salon for the first time. The opening barber chair graphic on the homepage says, “Come on in. We’ve got a seat ready and waiting for you.”

Browsing the website, the customer will find all the necessary details they need to know about the salon in chronological order.

Lastly, we tied The Man Salon’s third party scheduling software into the website, allowing for customers to make online reservations. This convenience tool was first made available to customers upon site launch.

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